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My name is Lizzie Simon and I am an experienced designer and visual editor. Having 7 years of experience working in the Art, Photo, and Social teams for HGTV Magazine. I design recurring stories, such as Come on In!, and other special sections in our issues. I also design weekly newsletters, presentations, posts for the LiketoKnow app, and visuals whenever needed. I produce and art direct photoshoots and am in charge of photo research for our How Bad is it...? section. I also help run our HGTV Magazine Instagram account. I love doing anything visual!

I am a graduate of Loyola University Chicago where I studied Visual Communication and Dance. Because of my dance background, I love to incorporate movement into my designs. I also love accents of bold, bright colors. With the ever evolving world of design and media, I love to stay up to date on the current trends as well. I recently completed the Motion Graphics Certificate program from Fashion Institute of Technology. I've had a love for design since a young age when I dreamed of working in magazines and media. Before joining HGTV Magazine, I had the experience of being a full-time Beauty Intern for Cosmopolitan and Seventeen as well as a full-time Photo Intern for Cosmopolitan and Seventeen

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